Is this your business?

The ANS Client Profile:

is-this-youBased on 15 years of experience working with SMEs in Ireland we have identified who we work best with and who we can achieve the best results for. We work with SMEs having 5 to 50 workstations

They provide professional business services that have a dependency on a solid, secure and fast network. They require highly productive workstations, resilient firewalled internet and reliable Email for running successful businesses. Businesses in Dublin trust us to install and support the technologies and computer systems that help them run businesses efficiently and successfully.

We work most efficiently and effectively with clients who:

  • Are willing to invest in systems and technology for the improvement of their Communication Network Infrastructure.
  • View technology as an effective tool for gaining and retaining competitive edge and ramping up productivity.
  • Want an advisor they can trust as their technology partner so that they can improve productivity and reduce the amount of IT problems they experience.


If the profile above sounds like you and your organization, contact us on - 01 906 0555
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